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1 in 5 Americans work in hostile environments, survey finds

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Today's Top Stories August 23, 2017


Sitting down all day at work will kill you, and standing won’t help much. Do this instead.

Move it or lose it.


Want to never get fired? Move to these countries with super-long job interviews

The longer it takes to get hired, the more likely it is you could get to stick around for a while.

Amazing Jobs

Would you work a 78-hour work week for a $128,000 salary and a Maserati?

It requires self-defense skills.


The aftermath of an office affair can get ugly. Ellen Pao explains why.

When an office affair goes wrong, you need a plan.


This ‘mood elevator’ helps you understand exactly how miserable you are at work

Use your words.


Nearly half of us are lying on our resumes, survey finds

Lies will sink your career. Every time.

levelling up

3 ways to get your career back on track after a crisis

Don't rush to action.

The Job Search

This is why companies like Apple hide their coolest jobs from you, and what to do about it

Companies want better candidates. Here's how to be one.

Office Romance

More than half of Americans have had an affair at work. Here’s what to do when you find out about one.

Sometimes you discover more than you need to know. Tread carefuly.

the whole human

10 things you should do every day to improve your life, according to science

Challenge yourself.

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